Synergy: Recruitment Efficiency Personified

It’s your job to deliver successful projects.

It’s not your job to spend days of your life sifting through CVs and interviewing candidates who just aren’t a good fit for your role. It’s wasting your time and theirs.

With Synergy, we do all the hard stuff for you. On average, our clients save 20 hours on their hiring process, and go from role qualification to offer acceptance in just two weeks.

Music to your ears, right?

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So, What’s Synergy All About?

It’s not just a fancy name. It’s our way of saving you a load of time and stress, while finding you better candidates.

Basically, once you’ve told us about the role you need to fill, we handle the whole first stage of the interview process. 

We source candidates, hold interviews using our video interview software based on questions you’ve given us, then package it all up – along with their CV and tech assessment (if relevant) – and send you the results. We even time-stamp the videos so you can skip straight to the good stuff.

Instead of spending two days on first-stage interviews, you can watch them all back-to-back while you’re on the train, watching Netflix, or eating a bolognese.


Get the gift of time

By freeing yourself of 1st stage interviews, you can save your business an average of 20 hours & slash your hiring process to just 2 weeks for permanent roles.


Cut out the leg work

Dreaming of a world where you don’t have to read a bunch of bad CVs or coordinate interview scheduling? You’re dreaming of Synergy!


Stay ahead of the pack

By slashing all that time from your hiring process, you’ll never have to worry about losing talent to rivals because you took too long getting back to them.

How does it work?

Synergy is a well-oiled process that we’ve developed to make recruitment easier for people like you. Here’s what you can expect:


Step 1: Discovery

We find out everything about your business – what you do, your culture and benefits, and the skills and experience you need. And we’ll work with you to agree half-a-dozen questions to ask candidates during our video interviews


Step 2: Sourcing

 We’re experts at finding the right people for hard-to-fill, niche, high-demand tech & creative roles. We send personalised video messages to the best candidates – no copy, paste and hope emails for us! – which gets you loads more engagement and boosts your employer brand.


Step 3: Interview

Using the questions you’ve provided, we’ll interview the top candidates and package up the results along with time stamps, CVs and tech tests (where relevant). We don’t edit our videos at all, so you have peace of mind that they’re 100% authentic and haven't been tampered with; what you see is what you get.


Step 4: The (Small But Important) Stuff

Like a candidate? We coordinate the rest of the interview process, arranging everything with the candidate and your internal interviewers. We even do offer management, references and salary negotiation.


If only everything was that simple, eh?

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